Walking With Michelle #10: The End

I am sorry to say that I am putting the kibosh on Walking With Michelle. It was really fun to do. And I’m glad that people had a lot of fun listening to them. And I’m sad that you will never ever have fun again. My apologies!! If it’s any consolation, I am now working on a new podcast called The Biloon/Forrest Project. If you enjoy me talking and also enjoy things that are awesome, you should enjoy this podcast. The best part is that unlike Walking With Michelle, The Biloon/Forrest Project drops on the regular. That I promise to you. Please patron my new project. You can even patronize it. As long as you listen, subscribe, even perhaps rate and review! Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr and all those other types of things! But I digress, thank thank and thank you some more for being a fan of Walking With Michelle. You are all great people.

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Walking With Michelle #9: Maria Bamford

Say hello to the ninth episode of your favorite podcast. And say hello to our first repeat guest, Maria Bamford. They both say hello back. In this episode, The Bammer and I gallivant about Atlanta. We go Top Chef food-eating, aquarium fishie-watching, and just have general good-time fun. Enjoy!

The new episode is not showing up just yet on iTunes directly but if you subscribe to the podcast, it should already be downloading for you. I’ll post the link to the episode proper when I can get it.


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Walking With Michelle #8: Dave Holmes

I have lived about 3 miles from Universal Studios for the last 6 years and never made it there. I decided to remedy that in this, the 8th episode of the podcast. And I could think of no better partner in crime than Mr. Dave Holmes (Reno 911, MTV, host extraordinaire). Sure, the rides were terrible but the people-watching was top notch. So crack open a 24 oz. Corona, kick back and live vicariously through our awesomeness.

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